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Food Allergies and Employment

– “Bizarre Tail of a Russian Restaurateur” – Courthouse News (2014)

– “Cop Says She Was Fired for Pepper Allergy” – Courthouse News (2014)

Food Allergies and Minors

Ashland City Elementary School

– “Principal sued by parents of child with nut allergy” – USA Today (2014)

Camp Sacramento

– “Family sues city after girl’s peanut allergy death at Camp Sacramento” – Sacramento Bee (2014)

Hopkins Elementary School

– “Lawsuits filed against Chesterfield workers in peanut allergy death” – WWBT NBC 12 (2014)

Bethel School District No. 403

– Mears v. Bethel School District No. 403 (2014)

– “Family Points to School Nurse Shortage in Death” – CBS News (2014)

– Jeanette and Michael Mears v. Bethel School District, et al. (2011)

T.F. v. Fox Chapel

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Alboniga v. School Board of Broward County Florida

– “Judge: Let Pupil Bring Service Dog” (2015)

Allergy Law Project Article

Food Allergies and Prison Populations

– “Shocking video shows Washington man left to die in jail from extreme food allergy as guards stand by” – Daily News (2013)

Food Allergies in Restaurants

Complaint (pdf download): Louisiana family sues Chuck E. Cheese under the ADA (March 22, 2016)

– “Milk Allergy Death of 16-Year-Old Leads to Lawsuit” – Minnesota CBS (2015)

– “Man Severely Allergic to Dairy Files $18,000 Suit Against Portland Steakhouse After ER Visit” – Oregonian (2015)

Phillips v. PF Chang’s (update here)

Food Allergies and Travel

Air Travel

– “Peanut allergy causes emergency landing, airline sued” – 10 News Tampa (2013)

Train Travel

– “Boy With Allergies Says Amtrak Discriminated” – Courthouse News (2014)


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