The Allergy Law Project was the idea of attorney, author, and food allergy advocate Laurel Francoeur, Esq. in mid 2014.  Francoeur approached fellow attorneys who were also parents of children with food allergies about creating a space online where allergic individuals could find accurate information about the intersection of law and food allergy.  Read their biographies here.


The Allergy Law Project does not provide legal advice or representation.  This site is not intended to create an attorney client relationship between the user and any contributing attorney and confidential information should not be shared with the Allergy Law Project.  Further, this site is not an advertisement for the contributing attorneys’ legal services or practices and none of the contributing attorneys represents that they are an expert in any given field.  No information or statements made on this site or through other social media outlets under the Allergy Law Project heading are representative of the opinions of employers or entities contributing attorneys work for or with and should not be taken out of context or republished without express written permission.


The Allergy Law Project’s mission statement is: “Supporting equal access and safe inclusion of individuals with food allergies under law.


E-mail: admin@allergylawproject.com

Homa S. Woodrum, Esq. designed the Allergy Law Project logo.

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